Marrying a mail order bride: Pros, Cons and Precautions

Marriage is a social or ritual bond between a man and woman that establishes rights and obligations between them. In modern society, Marriages are made online. There are many marriage matching agencies. These agencies are called Wedding and mail Order brides agencies. A mail order bride can become a wife of any man. Some will focus on the happiness but some look for money. Before looking bride in online, it is good to know the things you have to consider. First issue is about communication. Initially the bride will communicate through email, telephone and even in video conferencing. Dating will be online. If the bride does not speak English, then it will be a problem. If you go through agency, there you can get translator. There may be scam agencies that show photos that are stolen from net and pretend like genuine. They will ask you to pay big sum of money and will disappear after you pay once.

A mail order bride can make her husband that she will do anything for his happiness and begin to take full control over him and dominate you. Yet some men like this behaviour. Mail order bride can give new hope to a man who had unsuccessful relationships earlier. They are more faithful and family oriented. Nowadays love has become hard to gain. This is the reason. Men go for mail order bride services. Many people scam others. So we must take necessary steps to avoid loss of money. Scam sites can be identified from the red flags of the address. They will lack street address and free e-mail. If the company has no specific address and it cannot be located online. Be sure that they are not real one. However if they have correct street address, they may use free email service which cannot be traced, as these accounts can be created any time anywhere.

Warning – Testimonials on a mail order bride can be fake information, so it is very important to make research on reputation of service. Search for consumer reviews will help much. There you can get in touch with people who got service from the agency earlier. Appearances may be deceiving, but professional looking page will be real. You can enquire to people who got services from the agency, how fast they offered and how reliable it is.

People who run wedding and mail order bride agency will scam for earning money alone. Their motto will be cheating and earning money. If money is mentioned in the site, then they can be considered as scam. If it allows free match making but charges for sending and receiving letters, they can be suspected as scam. If the person you communicate ask money to visit or to pay bills from you, beware it is really a spam. Never send large amount of money online to bride and agency even if they are real. Make sure you pay money in person.

Another fake way of communication is sending mass letters to attract men and trap them. Those letters are not name specific; they will be forwarded to number of men. They use terms like “sweetie”, “dear”, “honey” instead of using your name. They may not indicate the information provided by you in particular. They simply ask personal questions about you and collect you database. Test her by asking her to share the information you have shared to the agency. A real wedding and mail order bride agency will remember your information you shared.

Top 5 Facts about Mail Order Brides

Mail order bride

In today’s fast paced world, people don’t have the time to

meet their life partners let alone true love. So the concept

of mail order brides has really gained popularity among the

people especially people living in America. Top five facts

about mail order brides are as following.



  1. The American Connection-

In the mid-1800 men started to move from the West to East in search for a better life. America was one of the most popular destinations for these men. These men got a better life but they longed for a wife, a companion. There was a shortage of women in the West back then, so these men had to search East for their life partners by advertising in news paper and magazines and writing letters to churches. This is how the conceptof mail order brides started.

  1. Low Divorce Rate-

These types of marriages usually have a low rate of divorce and tend to last for a lifetime. According to the USCIS, the divorce rate in America for mail order couples are much less when compared to divorce rate sin other relation. This has led to the rise of US men opting for mail order brides over normal marriages.

  1. Mail Order Brides University-

A private research university named the John Hopkins University gives it student and option of studying a course on mail order bride. This university, which was founded in 1876 teaches this unique subject to its student for them to have a better understanding of Filipino gender and kinship.

mail order brides university


That’s probably not how a mail order bride university looks like…


  1. The Other Side-

Like mail order bride, women can also avail the services of a mail order groom. This service is really gaining popularity with the ladies as women are becoming more independent and modern in their way of life. Some governments like the Philippines Government prohibits such mail order groom services.

  1. Russian Connection-

Untrue to popular beliefs Russian girls don’t become mail order brides for the prospect of wanting to marry a man of foreign. Russian girls by nature are very marriage minded, but the number of men in Russia is very less when compared to that of women. According to reports in Russia for every ten women, there are about only eight men available. Due to the scarcity of men they prefer to become mail order brides.

Worst wedding preparation myths

Marriage is not a joke not just because of the responsibilities waiting ahead but because of the expenses that the whole event requires. Everything needed for the ceremony and reception needs a huge sum of money and enough time of planning. It’s not that easy buying the bride and bride’s maid’s gowns, groom and groomsmen suits, wedding rings, decorations, flowers, reception area and the food. Every little detail means an expenses escapade. Although the expenses is well deserved by the bride, the couple should also consider that starting a family needs a reasonable amount of saving in the bank to be able to provide for the family’s bills and needs.

Intermarriage is also one of reasons why wedding ceremonies are quite expensive than the usual. The couple’s differences in tradition and culture makes them decide to follow each of their wedding traditions and cultures making them spend double than the expected amount of expenses. For couples who are planning get married but doesn’t have a huge budget, this information might help you achieve your dream wedding at a lower cost.


Having a DO-IT-YOURSELF wedding can make you save more.

People think that if they manage their own wedding, they will get to save more from wedding organizer’s professional fee but this myth can actually make you spend more. Not all do-it-yourself ideas make you save more and wedding preparation is one of those. Wedding planers are well educated and knowledgeable enough to make your wedding a success and if you want to settle on a lower price, you can suggest some ideas and keep your planner guided on the amount of your budget; anyway they will work out the best possible solution to make sure that you’ll keep track of your budget. Having a wedding planner to organize everything reduces all the pre-wedding stress and pressure; all you have to do is look and feel beautiful on your day.


The number of groomsmen should be equal with the number of bridesmaids.

This wedding myth is proven unnecessary in today’s era. You can haves as much groomsmen and bridesmaids as much as you want anyway it’s the couple who decides whom to invite. The most important thing is you’ll get to invite the most important people in your lives to share the most important chapter in your life.


It’s not necessary to stick to sweet music

Wedding usually connotes a “love in the air” theme. Though it is true, but the “in love” ambience does not necessary mean playing sweet music on the entire wedding ceremony and reception. It may be applicable playing sweet music on the ceremony but you can switch from sweet music to other music genres on the reception as it gives a more relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. The couple can choose some of their favourite songs and have it played during the reception so they’ll be able to share their interest to the important people around them.


An invitation is not a passes for politicians and high ranking officials

Your wedding day is important to you and not to the people from the political arena. Most of the time, couples choose well known people and politicians to their wedding in the aim to get connections with elite. This also ensures expensive gifts from them. This may be beneficial to the couple but the solemnity and essence of the ceremony is sometimes disregarded. This event should be shared to the people who walked with you on your journey and not to the people who barely know you.

Wedding ceremonies are holy and important to the couple. This should be taken on a more serious note and the couple should always remember that marriage is the start of the journey towards procreating, raising and protecting a family.

Taking an expenses saving route towards marriage should be considered.