The Phenomenon of Mail order Bride Weddings

Marriages in the modern age are crossing all borders and boundaries. One of the concepts that are thriving among the contemporary generation is the international wedding and mail order brides. A mail order bride refers to a woman who engages in listing herself to an online portal or catalogue for being selected for marriage. Weddings of such kind are arranged through agencies that act as a medium connecting both men and women. These kinds of marriages are getting popular in the modern days mainly because of its concept that satisfies the needs of both the parties.

Most of the women advertising as mail order brides are from economically underdeveloped countries. They tend to seek for men from developed countries, through which they could overcome their financial limitations. From the men’s side, these marriages provide an opportunity to choose traditional homely wives who would be committed to family life. They seek women who are attentive in terms of love and household commitment. Their attempts to venture for love and marriage through marriage agencies and online portals fuel the phenomenon of international wedding and mail order brides.

Mail order brides in past:

The idea of mail order bride was much unfamiliar in the past century than for now. The notion of viewing mail order bride weddings as a form of dating was the universal misconception. The history of the mail order bride phenomenon can be headed to the eighteenth-century where casket brides were sent to accompany settled men in foreign countries. The concept extended in the late twentieth-century, owing to the drastic changes in internet technology. Internet and emails replaced the traditional pen-and-paper catalogues. The twenty – first century found the increasing desire among men and women for dating sites and mail order bride weddings. Listing themselves in these sites let them find the potential match that satisfies their needs.

Advantages of Mail order brides:

The socio-economic conditions of women force them into advertising as mail order brides. Finding a life partner in the foreign land gives the women an opportunity to gain better economic status. Even women from developing countries like France engage in this trade because of various reasons like unemployment, inflation and malnutrition in their home country. However, these economic factors alone cannot be regarded as the only driving force for mail order bride weddings. There could be other reasons as well. Immigration opportunity, desire for better life, little opportunity of growth at the homeland, hope for living abroad are few reasons that would promote mail order bride phenomenon. A lot of mail order brides look better on pictures than in real life, because they need to present the best they got to attract a potential husband. This French blog for women about beauty has a lot of reviews about many products that helps women become more beautiful and get the attention they want, mail order brides uses those tips and tactics to get the best results they can, and they have an advantage in the ‘field’ of internet dating & wedding.

A mail order wedding can have both pros and cons. For instance, women engaged as mail order brides are prone to human trafficking, abuse and domestic violence. Language or cultural barriers play a major role in being misused. Since men have inordinate power in this relationship, wedding and mail order brides are at a vulnerable position. Lack of awareness and little accessibility to legal protection make things worse for the mail order brides. So, it is always essential to keep an eye on the social crimes arising out of this trend and make necessary amendments to secure and save the innocents. Even though it fulfills the needs of both parties, it is still a gambling game in the name of wedding.