Top 5 destination wedding location in US

A wedding day is the most important day in a couple’s life. So, you would want to choose a destination which will make your special day memorable for a lifetime. But if your budget is tight or you do not want to deal with the hassle of going to another country then you should know that there are many beautiful and magnificent wedding destination located in US.

Bar Harbor in Maine

If you love nature and want to marry in a picturesque location then Bar Harbor is for you. If you want a summer wedding then this place will be perfect as it is known for its cool summer days. It has an easy access to beaches and lakes and also mountains. So you have a lot of option to choose from. The food over there is absolutely great and your guest will enjoy the good food which Bar Harbor has to offer.

Las Vegas in Nevada

Are you looking for a place which will be as grand as your wedding? Then you should get married in Las Vegas of Nevada. With so many chapels and churches where you can get married and it also happens to be a good place to enjoy your honeymoon. If you like big celebration where all your guest can have a time of your life then opt for this place to be your wedding destination.

Key West in Florida

If you are looking for a perfect place to have a beach wedding then you have to select Key West of Florida to be your wedding destination. With gorgeous beach, your sunset beach wedding will be a beautiful ceremony which will move your guest to tears.

Vail in Colorado

Are you are of the adventurous type? If yes then this place is the best wedding destination for you two. With so many options like river rafting, mountain biking and also hiking you will enjoy the time you will spend there for your wedding.

San Diego in California

If you haven’t been in California then you have the perfect excuse to be wed in this pleasantly sunny place. San Diego with so many beautiful places is slowly becoming the most popular destination for hosting a wedding ceremony.