Top 5 Facts about Mail Order Brides

Mail order bride

In today’s fast paced world, people don’t have the time to

meet their life partners let alone true love. So the concept

of mail order brides has really gained popularity among the

people especially people living in America. Top five facts

about mail order brides are as following.



  1. The American Connection-

In the mid-1800 men started to move from the West to East in search for a better life. America was one of the most popular destinations for these men. These men got a better life but they longed for a wife, a companion. There was a shortage of women in the West back then, so these men had to search East for their life partners by advertising in news paper and magazines and writing letters to churches. This is how the conceptof mail order brides started. Altho mail order bride might costs you as much as brand new 2 post lift for your car or an older model motorcycle still a lot of man are using foreign marriage agencies and pay a lot of money for such experience.

  1. Low Divorce Rate-

These types of marriages usually have a low rate of divorce and tend to last for a lifetime. According to the USCIS, the divorce rate in America for mail order couples are much less when compared to divorce rate sin other relation. This has led to the rise of US men opting for mail order brides over normal marriages.

  1. Mail Order Brides University-

A private research university named the John Hopkins University gives it student and option of studying a course on mail order bride. This university, which was founded in 1876 teaches this unique subject to its student for them to have a better understanding of Filipino gender and kinship.

mail order brides university


That’s probably not how a mail order bride university looks like…


  1. The Other Side-

Like mail order bride, women can also avail the services of a mail order groom. This service is really gaining popularity with the ladies as women are becoming more independent and modern in their way of life. Some governments like the Philippines Government prohibits such mail order groom services.

  1. Russian Connection-

Untrue to popular beliefs Russian girls don’t become mail order brides for the prospect of wanting to marry a man of foreign. Russian girls by nature are very marriage minded, but the number of men in Russia is very less when compared to that of women. According to reports in Russia for every ten women, there are about only eight men available. Due to the scarcity of men they prefer to become mail order brides.