Worst wedding preparation myths

Marriage is not a joke not just because of the responsibilities waiting ahead but because of the expenses that the whole event requires. Everything needed for the ceremony and reception needs a huge sum of money and enough time of planning. It’s not that easy buying the bride and bride’s maid’s gowns, groom and groomsmen suits, wedding rings, decorations, flowers, reception area and the food. Every little detail means an expenses escapade. Although the expenses is well deserved by the bride, the couple should also consider that starting a family needs a reasonable amount of saving in the bank to be able to provide for the family’s bills and needs.

Intermarriage is also one of reasons why wedding ceremonies are quite expensive than the usual. The couple’s differences in tradition and culture makes them decide to follow each of their wedding traditions and cultures making them spend double than the expected amount of expenses. For couples who are planning get married but doesn’t have a huge budget, this information might help you achieve your dream wedding at a lower cost.


Having a DO-IT-YOURSELF wedding can make you save more.

People think that if they manage their own wedding, they will get to save more from wedding organizer’s professional fee but this myth can actually make you spend more. Not all do-it-yourself ideas make you save more and wedding preparation is one of those. Wedding planers are well educated and knowledgeable enough to make your wedding a success and if you want to settle on a lower price, you can suggest some ideas and keep your planner guided on the amount of your budget; anyway they will work out the best possible solution to make sure that you’ll keep track of your budget. Having a wedding planner to organize everything reduces all the pre-wedding stress and pressure; all you have to do is look and feel beautiful on your day.


The number of groomsmen should be equal with the number of bridesmaids.

This wedding myth is proven unnecessary in today’s era. You can haves as much groomsmen and bridesmaids as much as you want anyway it’s the couple who decides whom to invite. The most important thing is you’ll get to invite the most important people in your lives to share the most important chapter in your life.


It’s not necessary to stick to sweet music

Wedding usually connotes a “love in the air” theme. Though it is true, but the “in love” ambience does not necessary mean playing sweet music on the entire wedding ceremony and reception. It may be applicable playing sweet music on the ceremony but you can switch from sweet music to other music genres on the reception as it gives a more relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. The couple can choose some of their favourite songs and have it played during the reception so they’ll be able to share their interest to the important people around them.


An invitation is not a passes for politicians and high ranking officials

Your wedding day is important to you and not to the people from the political arena. Most of the time, couples choose well known people and politicians to their wedding in the aim to get connections with elite. This also ensures expensive gifts from them. This may be beneficial to the couple but the solemnity and essence of the ceremony is sometimes disregarded. This event should be shared to the people who walked with you on your journey and not to the people who barely know you.

Wedding ceremonies are holy and important to the couple. This should be taken on a more serious note and the couple should always remember that marriage is the start of the journey towards procreating, raising and protecting a family.

Taking an expenses saving route towards marriage should be considered.