International Relationships

Online match making for marriage leads to international relationships ?

The internet has entirely introduces new forms of social relationships, activities and organizing. It is widespread across the world and has worldwide access which made the globe to shrink into a computer screen. Internet has helped to make tremendous growth in various fields. People use chat, messaging and email to stay in touch with friends and make new friends. There are many social networking websites and online dating sites which enable a person to have global relationships. Social interactions pave the way for individual’s marital decisions in modern society. This is a kind of match making over Internet for marital relationships. However these wedding over internet have many goods and drawbacks as well. Naturally young people are using these features. During the search of their life partner, they not only make help of real world communication but also make use of internet.


Online match making generally took place on Internet by means of social networking and online dating. Nowadays the style had changed with the advent of match making agencies. These agencies work on the basis of service that makes apt match between couples for marriage. Face to face match making has now become older fashion. Modern society has no time to meet in person to find their perfect match. So they opt for internet dating agency. This involves a website where people register their profiles and contact other registered members. Advancement to this system is international marriage agency. It is a business where men and women from different countries are introduced for making marital relationships. These agencies mainly encourage women in developing countries to register with their services and bridge them with men in developed nations these international marriage agencies are referred to as mail-order bride agencies.

Wedding and mail order brides’ agencies mainly focus on international relationship in marriage. In certain countries census rate reveals imbalance between numbers of women available for numbers of men. This situation created demand for international match making. Women in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other Eastern European Countries are common mail order brides. Social and economic conditions, unemployment problem, malnutrition, inflation prevailing in a country decide about the position of women. Women who were degraded in their home country seeks foreign husband to leave their home country and improve their economic status.

The historical root of wedding and mail order brides industry emerged in America. Migration of people for work to other countries found good economic growth but they are not able to make a family. In older days, match making happened through letter communication between churches of various countries. Courtship was conducted by letter, until a women agrees to marry a stranger. Many women wanted to gain financial security and to uplift their current situation. There are two types of wedding and mail order brides’ agencies; they are compensation based and non-Incentivized. First one is an agency where women are paid to be on the site and to interact with men. In the latter one, women are not paid to interact with men and to be on the site.