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Wedding through online match making: Beware

Mail order bride means to a women who advertises herself to marry someone over Internet, from developed country. Citizens of different countries are allowed to have marital relationship. Sometimes citizens show interest in finding match in their own country. Wedding and mail order brides in general are good. But there are some women who marry men to fulfil their desire for money. Some facts about mail order brides are described below.

Most people think women who want nothing more than to marry American men are from Russia as they want to get the hell out of their country and start a new life. But this fact is wrong. Their census rate was 8:10. Many women in Russia are compelled to look for foreign husband even by their parents. There are many dangers to mail order bride. Recently many cases are filed in US, that American men murders mail order bride. There are also cases that deal with murders by mail order bride. Before involving in this industry, consider all the facts about future wife or husband. Some are lucky and gets a better life partner but some are unlucky even they loss their life. Divorce rates are considerably reduced. 80 percentages of marriages arranged by wedding and mail order bride agency were last longing than normal arranged marriages. Every year 4000 to 6000 marriages are happening between US men and mail order foreign brides.

Historically in 1800s American Frontier were the first to use the concept of mail order brides. Men from Eastern countries were migrating to Western Countries for their business and finding gold. Most of the men were successful in economic growth but they were unable to make a family. Western countries have only less number of women compared to men. So they have only one choice of attracting women from East towards them. They wrote letter to churches and gave personal advertisement in newspapers. In return women replied to the letter and relationships were built through letter communication. Meeting the perfect match can be done in two ways. First one is selling information of women to men and encourages men to meet them. Second one is about group tour. Men are allowed to meet up hundreds of women in social event organized by wedding and mail order brides’ agency by travelling to foreign country. Johns Hopkins University offers a course on Mail Order Brides to understand the Filipino kinship. However this subject has small amount of demand.

Unlike mail order brides, there are some mail order husbands’ agencies too. The Philippines prohibits business that facilitates marriages between foreigner and Filipina women. Media and local press have revealed stories of foreign men abusing Filipina women. So they passed Anti- Mail-Order Bride Law in 1990. Because of this Filipinas use Reverse Publications in which Filipina women makes use of men to advertise themselves to contact them. Wedding and mail order brides industry is a profitable business. In Taiwan, brides from Vietnam are very popular and average Taiwanese would pay USD$10,000 for marriage. The bride’s family get USD$500 to USD$1000. Marriage broker gets the remaining amount. There is high margin of profit in this business.